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  1. Lady Mystique

    Humanized Rarity. Pencil on paper and colored in PS.


  2. enrique262 said: I recently discovered your gorgeous art over DA, now I just realize you have a tumblr as well, nice! And please remember, Gumball deserves some additional love as well ;)

    Hi! Welcome to the blog and thanks for liking my stuff =) And yes, there is no such thing as too much Gumball love.

  3. Ultimate RD

    Started out as a little translucent coloring practice with the frisbee but then a Rainbow Dash happened =P┬áHastily sketched on lined paper and colored in PS because too lazy to get plain paper and I didn’t plan on fully coloring it at the time.

  4. When someone who’s more talented follows you :D :D :D :D

  5. Got bored and doodled a bird thing ._.


  6. ask-spitfire-thewonderbolt said: a mr violet rain tells me you also live in best state north carolina :D

    Yes, I do live in best state North Carolina =D

  7. ask-violetrain:



    Join the google plus call!

    To the livestream link

    imageClick on the first link to draw with us \0/ Livestream is over but you can still draw with us!


    Come and join! Click the first link! :3

    I had to leave early, but check out this hangout with awesome artists.

  8. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Drew this for a doodle challenge. The topic was ponies with jobs, and I figured Twilight’s job is probably to look after everything whenever the princesses are not around. What could possibly go wrong, right?

    The holo map is the official Equestria map. Thanks for Wikipedia for the copy pastas.

  9. Twilight is up to something.


  10. I made a “mod blog” of sort. This is where I’ll be reblogging posts and such so that you won’t have to see off topic posts here. Go follow it if you like my reblogs and suggestions and don’t if you just want to enjoy the art here =)

    Hopefully this will remove the clutter that is reblogs and text posts here so you will only see art and nothing but art.

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