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  1. Penny

    Most of the internet seems to agree that Penny is some sort of deer - most likely a reindeer/caribou since only female reindeers have antlers. Added the armless hoodie to act as her shell. If only we get to see what she looks like under neath the shell…

    And if you like TAWoG stuff, go check out my new fanart blog Elmore-Plus.


  2. Oooh what’s this? A TAWoG fanart blog?! 

    I really don’t know why I bothered to set this up, but I did and I made it look nice as hell too - took up most of my evening. Maybe I do like this show more than I should. Go follow this if you like cute cartoon things, I’ve got about 20 posts or so queued up so over the next few days so it shouldn’t stay boring for too long :)

  3. mylittleanthros:



    It’s like I’ve gone back in time to 2012 when Atryl did 4 fingered hands.

    Lovely piece regardless.

    Oh wow, had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t Atryl’s. 

  4. Streaming

    Working on one of the milestone requests and it’s a bit suggestive/questionable, you have been warned.

  5. Teri the Germaphobe

    Just (a 3D) Teri from TAWoG being herself. I spent more time on the mop and the trolley than the actual main character, not sure if that’s attention to detail or just priority issues.

  6. Streaming TAWoG art

  7. Engela - Coloring

    A progression kinda thing I guess…

    I needed hair some coloring practice so I nabbed someone else’s sketch and colored it, with permission of course. This is not my original sketch and I’m not quite sure of the character drawn, but I assume it’s either an OC, Luna Afterdark, or pegasus Rarity :P

    Original sketch by Limitedcolour.

  8. Streaming stolen art!

  9. extradan:

    Its been 3 years, and yet I havent finish a single nib.

    When I first was looking forward the intuos 5, people were complaining over it and how their nibs wouldnt last for long, and they reccomend monoprice over wacom.

    But thats not true.

    At least for me.

    Maybe its a inker thing.

    Ha ha ha… I’ve already used up 5 of my nibs

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  10. Hah, I thought these were supposed to be “random”… Maybe I like Rarity more than I should :P