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  1. I made a “mod blog” of sort. This is where I’ll be reblogging posts and such so that you won’t have to see off topic posts here. Go follow it if you like my reblogs and suggestions and don’t if you just want to enjoy the art here =)

    Hopefully this will remove the clutter that is reblogs and text posts here so you will only see art and nothing but art.

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  2. needs-more-pony:







    It seems to be a mix between SAI and photoshop, simplified. It even has a stabalizer that works even with the mouse.

    Best of all, it’s free, and works for both Mac and Windows.

    To give it a try, head right on down to


    Reblogging for artsy people that follow me. Also a lovely name for a program.

    highly recommend FireAlpaca for everyone.

    Re blogging for future research.


    No Intuos gestures support and a tremendous lack of features =(

    I don’t know about most people but ridiculously simplified drawing programs should not be what you’re looking for (this is in no way a PS + SAI combo btw) - so many useful functionalities that you may not realize you need are stripped away just so they could appeal to new artists when it is new artists that really need to experiment the most. Jumping head-first into slightly more complex programs like Manga Studio or Photoshop is a much more effective way and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

    Now if you’re really looking for something one step down from PS and MS but is still highly functional, try Krita, an alternative that does it right.

    (Source: parkaposyart)

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  3. kittentoots:

    2/10 fursona generator.

    Sorry for all the countless reblog a, but this one is a must see.

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  4. hobilo:

    Sweetiebot: Fear me [SFM Remake]:


    Holy fuuuuu this is so well done.

    (via lady-clopham)

  5. Old drawings from 2012! That Spike and Rarity one is still one of my favorites. The Derpy one is my first drawing to be submitted to EqD, although I have no idea who the submitter was :(

    Derpy / Fluttershy / Spike & Rarity


  6. thelastofheros said: Can we get a horny Pris?





    Ah yes. I bet you guys have missed this blog.

    I’m back btw.

    That’s rlly cute

    Antlers definitely need more attention.

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  7. PaperDrop - Milestone Request

    Work kept me busy, but I finally found some time to finish this today. This is the second milestone request for PaperDrop (deviantART), my 300th follower who also happens to be an awesome artist. He requested his OC drawn in a comical situation :P

  8. tysontan:

    The Design Concept Behind Tyson Tan’s Cyber Creatures

    This small tutorial is written as online supplement to Lindsay Cibos’s how-to-art book: Furry Furever. In the book I wrote the character design section, covering both conventional furry character and cyber-anthro characters. I hope my part in the book becomes helpful! Big thanks to Lindsay for inviting me to the project!

    I have a sudden urge to just drop everything and draw some cyber creatures :o

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  9. I’m sorry I guess…? :|

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  10. Apuls! - Coloring

    I stole some more art! This cutie patootie was stolen from Pwnypony, he did the original lineart and I only colored. His ponies are so amazingly cute c: