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  1. Rocketmare

    Impractical pony jetpack and Lightning Dust, I thought it was a good idea at the time. Let’s say that her butt and tail have been treated with fire retardant.

    Not exactly happy with how this came out, I didn’t have access to my Intuos so I had to use my ancient Bamboo, so it’s a bit messier than normal. My computer kept freezing up so I couldn’t do anything fancy for the background either :( 

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    Well, I didn’t mean to make anyone feel sad, and sorry if I did :( But this is what I meant by “ancient” Bamboo, the...
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    No no, they said ancient bamboo “tablet.” It’s actually several bits of bamboo that are tied together with a length of...
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    This artist is bemoaning that they had to draw this on their “ancient” bamboo tablet. This makes me sad because I’m...
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    This image is now Khepri’s desktop wallpaper.
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    Pegasus butts are naturally fireproof.
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